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The bow is the first thing you need in archery. There are a few different types of bows to choose between, there are long bows and short bows. The long bows are used in target archery. Since the shorter bows are quite a bit shorter, they are generally used in hunting. Aside from the length of the bow, you have other things to consider before you decide on a bow. You should consider things like draw weight before you make your purchase.

Other than the bows length, the draw weight is very important. If the draw weight is too strong for the person using the bow, they won't be able to get a full draw length on it. If you can't get a full draw length, then the draw weight is too much for you and you should find something easier. If the draw weight is too strong, then you really won't be able to do much shooting since you won't be able to pull back.

Once you have the draw weight all figured out, you have to think about what you will use the bow for. If you have never used a bow before, I recommend looking for a used bow to start off with. There aren't too many paces that I know of that will rent out a bow, so just buy it used if you can find one. Unfortunately, you may have to buy new anyway since it is sometimes difficult to find a used bow.

There are a lot of other aspects of the bow that are pretty much your preference. You can have sights and all of the graphics on the bow if you want. Before you buy your bow, try it out in the store and make sure it isn't too heavy for you and the draw weight is good for you.

If you are going to be shooting toward a crowd or in a public place, you should set up a net to prevent accidental injuries.

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