Baby Products

Baby Products may include, but are not limited to: Car Seats, Strollers, Highchairs, Pacifiers,

Diapers, Baby Food, Toys, Baby Cribs

Baby Products

Baby Monitors
Picking the right monitor might be hard as you want to get the best to make sure you can hear your baby at all times. If you want your baby to be able to hear you as well as you be able to hear them, you should get a two-way radio. This allows your child to hear you and you can still hear them. Now, they not only have audio monitors, but they have video monitors. Some parents may like a video monitor more as they are able to see their child as well as hear them, which makes them more comfortable. If you have a large house, you may have to get a monitor that has a better transmission. Some monitors won't be able to transmit through thick walls or from a distance. You don't want to get your monitor and have it not work for your size house. Try to get a monitor with more than one channel since cell phones and cordless phones can interfere if on the same frequency. Get the right baby bedding to help your baby sleep better at night.

Baby Shampoo
Before you go out and buy shampoo, ask your doctor or midwife for suggestions. They will have experience and might even have some free samples for you to try. Make sure you buy shampoo made specifically for infants. If it says 'tear free' or 'gentle enough for babies' then its safe enough. I would recommend sticking with brands you know. They have been around for a long time for good reason. If your child gets nervous or agitated while given a bath, try to get shampoo with characters on the top to distract them. Make sure that you don't use adult shampoo on your infant.

Baby Formula
If you choose not to breast feed, or can't, the next step down is commercial iron-fortified formula. Find a formula that has sugars, sodium, protein, and fats. If your baby is fussy or gassy or has diarrhea, you should check with your doctor about switching to a lactose-free formula as your infant might be having trouble digesting cow's milk. There are different options for formula, you can get ready-to use formula, powdered, or concentrated. Powdered formula is the cheapest but takes the most time to prepare since you have to add water to it. Concentrated formula must also have water added to dilute it so you have extra left over (which must be thrown away within a day). The ready-to-use is just that, ready to use, but is also the most expensive choice. Once you have a formula, don't switch to another one without consulting your doctor.

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