Dog Products

Dog Toys for Small Dogs
If you have a small dog (all the toy breeds and dogs the size of a dachshund), you will need small toys. Make sure that you don't get any toys smaller than a ping pong ball as dogs can choke it. Get about five toys and rotate them so your pet doesn't get bored. If your dog likes to chew, get some rawhide sticks for them. You can buy stuffed toys for your small dog to play with. Most dogs like to play with a rope, so find one that fits the size of your dog. Not only do ropes provide hours of fun for your dog, it provides an additional way of keeping their teeth clean and healthy. If any of the toys become damaged, throw them in the garbage.

Dog Toys for Medium Dogs
If your dog is between the size of a shih tzu and a golden retriever, then you have a medium sized dog. Buying toys for medium sized dogs is like buying toys for small dogs, find the toys that fit your pets size. Buy all the same toys for your medium sized dog as you would for a small dog. Things like, a rope, some balls (not too small so they can choke), some chew toys, and some squeaky toys would be good. Get the medium sized toys for your dog so he/she can have the most fun with it. Ropes provide your dog with teeth cleaning as well as fun, so I would invest in one.

Dog Toys for Big Dogs
A big dog is anything larger than the size of a beagle or a sheltie. It is sometimes hard to find toys for big dogs as they are able to destroy the smaller toys like some chews, and definitely the plush toys. I would recommend staying away from the plush toys if you have a big dog. A plush toy will be too easy for your pet to rip apart and then all you will have left is fluff. Buying a rope for a big dog can be tricky. If you have a big dog, I would recommend getting the biggest rope you can find. It won't take long for them to chew through the middle of the rope, leaving you with two knots around the house. Again, keep in mind the size of your dog when you buy toys. Match the size of the toys with the size of your pet.

Buying Dog Food
Generally any dog food will do. Find one that mentions the Association of American Feeding Control Officials and Animal Feeding Trials on the label. Make sure that the food is balanced and has all the needed nutrients. You should buy the food that is priced higher as it will probably be more quiality ingredients. Follow the serving size on the package so you know how much to feed your dog. You can either feed freely, which is when you leave the bowl always available with food. Or, you can control feed by allowing your dog to only eat at certain times and then picking up the bowl. Talk to your vet about which method you want. There are pros and cons to both methods. Try to not feed your dog more than 50% human food as this will not provide them with their needed nutrients.

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