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Buying Clubs for Yourself
You should always try out as many different clubs as you can by renting or borrowing from people you know or a golf shop. Once you find the type you like, find the shaft length. Most of the time you can use the standard length that you get off the shelf. However, if you are very tall or very short, find a shop that will help you with a longer or shorter shaft length.

Irons are usually sold in sets with clubs 3-9 and a pitching wedge, as they should match. You can get a basic set of irons for around $200. Since woods don't need to match, you can buy them individually. If you choose to go with a set, you can get a 3 wood, a 5 wood, and a driver for about $250. If you are just starting out, you can buy just a 3 wood to use in the beginning. After you have your woods and your irons, pick out a putter. Just find something that you are comfortable using. Spending $25 on a putter is about right, but if you want, you can spend more if you can't find one in the $25 range that you are comfortable with.

New clubs are mostly perimeter weighted, with a larger hit area to help you when you are first learning. The more advanced players generally use bladed clubs which are much harder to use put will provide the experienced golfer with great power. Don't run out and buy the best clubs there are. Wait until you are experienced and have developed a style. Once you have a style, you will want a certain type of club to compliment your style.

Buying Clubs as a Gift
Picking out a set of golf clubs for yourself can be hard, but picking out a set of golf clubs for a gift can be near impossible. There are a couple rules and guidelins you should follow when picking out a set of clubs as a gift.

First, you shoould find out if they need an entire set, a specific club, irons, or if there is a club they have been wanting for some time.

Make sure that you are able to bring the club back. It will be almost impossible to buy the right club for the person, so make sure they are able to bring it back and get the exactl one they want. If you don't want to buy the club just to have them return it, you can get them a gift certificate. However, giving a gift certificate is good, but its not as nice to unwrap a piece of paper as it is to unwrap an actual club.

When you are in the store, try out some of the clubs. Once you find the set, or club(s), you think will work best for them, shop around and find the best price. Shopping online can be a good idea.


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