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Buying a Sofa
The first and most practical thing to do before you even look a sofa, is determine the size sofa you can have taking into consideration the doorways it has to go through and the size of the room itself. Once you know the size sofa you can fit, start looking at furniture stores.

Color is definitely a big thing so pick it careful. Remember that this sofa might last a few years and if you plan to change the wall color in your house, you don't want to be limited due to your sofa. Think about the material and style of upholstery you want. Something with a pattern will hide stains and something solid will match any decor. The newest thing now is Microfiber for fabric. Microfiber is a very durable, easy to clean fabric that is soft and looks almost like suede.

Once you have the fabric in mind and the size, try some out. Make sure that you like the way you sit in it. If it isn't comfortable for the first 2 minutes, it probably isn't going to be comfortable for hours. Once you picked the exact sofa you want, take a closer look at the workmanship. Look at the stitching and make sure it goes straight. Lift the cushions and make sure it is upholstered there too, you don't want to see bare wood. Make sure that the inside of the couch is made with wood, corner blocks, and some glue instead of just nails and staples.

Buying a Mattress and Box Spring
When you are in the market for a mattress and box spring, don't be overwhelmed by all the different ones. You can narrow your market by looking at the better quality mattresses. If you want a nice mattress, look for something that has a separate fabric pocket for each spring. Before you pick out your mattress, test it by actually laying on it with your partner. You shouldn't roll toward each other and when one of you gets up, the other shouldn't be able to feel it. Your bed should be at least 4 - 6 inches longer than the tallest person that will sleep in it.

Buying a Refirgerator
Again, size is a big issue. Make sure you measure all dimensions before you buy one. Decide if you want the freezer on top, on the bottom, or a side-by-side. Personally, I like the side-by-side. If you don't have room for a side-by-side, I would recommend getting one with the freezer on the bottom so should something fall out, it will only fall a short distance. There are a lot of different options that come with refrigerators. Look at the EnergyGuide labels and try to find one with a small number as it will use the least amount of electricity. I would definitely suggest getting a scratch-n-dent model. Refrigerators today can be upwards from $2000 and buying a scratch-n-dent one could save you more than half.

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