Pet Products

Pet Products may include, but are not limited to: Pet Food, Pet Toys, Pet Houses,

Pet Treats, Pet Books

Pet Products

Finding the right food isn't too hard. Go with a brand that you know and trust. Look for something that has of American Feeding Control Officials and Animal Feeding Trials on it to ensure its quality food. Make sure that the food you buy is balanced and has all the nutrients your pets need.

Pet Sitters
If you are in need of a pet sitter, ask around. Check with your vet, or groomer for suggestions and if all else fails, look in the yellow pages. After you find some sitters, have them come over for an interview to see how everybody gets along. If you have a dog, let the sitter take them out for a walk to see how they handle themselves and how your dog reacts to being walked by them. Find out how the sitter would react to situations, like your pet getting out, or an emergency. Once you decide on a sitter, leave them the number and address of your vet, a close friend(s) that would be able to help should the need arise, the closest hospital, and where you can be reached in case of extreme situations. Make sure the sitter knows how much food to give and when, if your pet needs medications, make sure they know where they are and how to administer them, and let them know if your pet has any preferences, like a park or just likes to be outside on the porch.

My Pet Haven
A Huge line of Dog Clothes, dog supplies and a nice array of Supplies for Cats, Birds, Ferrets and other Small Animals. At My Pet Haven, It's All About Pets!

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