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Video Security
Video Security Systems are a great idea and offer a sense of confidence that an alarm may not be able to provide you with. The most logical places to put a video security system would be outside exterior doors, in a landscaped area that could harvest intruders, and in childrens rooms or and elderly relatives room. Look for a camera that offers advanced features such as snapping a picture with the date and time on it everytime the doorbell is presses. You should definitely consider getting a camera that has an infrared lens so you aren't limited to using it during the day. A basic system usually comes with two cameras and a small black and white TV for about $230+. You can always upgrade to a color TV and more cameras for more money.

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Alarm System
First determine if you want all of your windows and doors integrated into the system, or only some, for example, ground level windows. Ask around and find some names of security companies. You can ask your insurance company, the police department, and friends who they would recommend. If you have the system call a central station whenever a break-in happens, you will have to pay a monthly fee to pay for the emergency personal should they be called to your house. If you want to forego the central station, you can have it set up so that should a break-in occur, it will call a set of predetermined numbers. Make sure that you have options that allow people to roam within the house once the alarm is set. If you are adding the system after construction is done and the walls are up, you should go with a wireless system as a wired system needs to be put inside the walls.

Computer Safety
With the internet being so popular in this day and age, you have to be careful with your computer. Keeping your computer safe should be a major priority as we use our computers for almost everything from booking trips to banking online. You should have a firewall and anti-virus software running on your computer whenever it is on. Look online for a good anti-virus software package. Panda makes a good software that checks your computer for viuruses BEFORE it installs on your computer keeping the software free from viruses.

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