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There are many ways you can tan in this day and age. You can go and do what people have been doing for years and sit out in the sun. But that is not your only option anymore. You could go and get some of the self tanning lotions. Or you can go and sit in artificial sunlight, widely referred to as a tanning booth or salon.

You have to be a little careful when you tan in natural sunlight. You could easily burn if you don’t have any sunscreen on. Putting on sunscreen will help keep you from burning which will eventually hurt your skin in the long run. With sunscreen on, you tan slower, but you do still tan. Some people don’t like to use sunscreen and go without it to tan faster. I think it’s a good idea to put some on, even if it is a low SPF. So always use sunscreen if you are tanning in the sun.

But you can also do it the artificial way. This is usually what people use in the winter. Although it may be more expansive then just getting the self tanners it will stay and not wash off after a couple showers. But you can also get burns at the tanning salons so you should wear some kind of protective sunscreen there too. Tanning lotions don’t always work the best. Sometimes they turn your skin orange after a few days.

Tanning lotions come in a cream, like a lotion, and are colored with chemicals that just basically stain the skin a certain color for a short period of time. This may be the fastest way to get a tan, and the safest way because there is no chance of being burned. The newest thing is bronzing. You stand in a booth like you would be tanning, but instead you get sprayed. Bronzing is a better alternative than using the lotions.

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